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Acer Sees Little Success in Windows, Looks to Google and Chrome

Acer Sees Little Success in Windows, Looks to Google and Chrome

Last year, when Microsoft announced plans to build its own tablet, Acer was amongst those that spoke up against the move. Back then, Acer's CEO JT Wang said that such a move would have a negative effect on the "ecosystem". He also expressed his doubts that Windows 8 will rejuvenate the flagging Windows-based computer market.

Recently, Acer announced that it will be posting another year of loss and this time, its President Jim Wong alluded this to the inability of Windows 8 to excite consumers. He said, “Windows 8 itself is still not successful. The whole market didn’t come back to growth after the Windows 8 launch, that’s a simple way to judge if it is successful or not.”

However, he was optimistic about Google's Chrome platform as Chrome-based models accounted for 5% to 10% of Acer’s U.S. shipments since being released there in November. Wong believes this to be sustainable in the long term and is looking to offer Chrome models in other developed markets.

Wong also indicated that Acer will not launch any Windows RT devices until the back-to-back school season this summer and will continue to evaluate the platform. Lastly, Wong also said that Acer will build up its smartphone business and wants to increase sales from 500,000 units last year to 1.5 million this year.

Source: Bloomberg

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