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4-way SLI with GeForce GTX 480 is Possible

4-way SLI with GeForce GTX 480 is Possible

As we've seen for ourselves, two GeForce GTX 480 is indeed a force to be reckoned with. And officially, NVIDIA says 3-way SLI with the GeForce GTX 480 is supported. However, recent reports have surfaced claiming that 4-way SLI is possible with the GeForce GTX 480.

Tweaktown - If two of the powerful cards is a good thing, then four would be enough gaming nirvana to send many geeks over the edge. According to TechReport, EVGA has confirmed that the GTX 480 will support 4-way SLI.

We shudder to think just how fast, hot and power hungry such a setup would be. To read the original article and see photos of 4 GeForce GTX 480 in SLI, click here.

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