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YouTube to End IE6 Support on Mar 13

Google previously announced it would start phasing out support for Internet Explorer 6 on Orkut and YouTube and the date has been set - March 13.

Early Look at Android Port of Firefox

Mozilla's developers achieved an important milestone this week by demonstrating that the browser can run on the Nexus One smartphone.

NVIDIA's New Cards Coming On March 26?

The wait seems to be finally over as all signs point towards a March 26 launch date for NVIDIA's next-generation graphics cards.

Adobe Photoshop Turns 20

Adobe Photoshop turns 20 and here is an interesting post about the widely-used photo editing software.

New MSI Notebooks to be Unveiled at CeBIT 2010

Besides the MSI Wind U160 and X-Slim X620, MSI will be displaying the GT660, a gaming notebook with superior multimedia capabilities.

New Twist to Win 7 RAM Issue Revealed

The issue takes a turn for the bizarre as it is now being reported that the CTO who made the report is actually a fake person.

Sony's Answer to Micro Four Thirds Cameras

Sony has an answer to Panasonic's and Olympus's Micro Four Thirds cameras: a model with interchangeable lenses that can produce DSLR-quality images and HD video.

Updated: Win 7 Memory Issue Not An Issue After All

Turns out the Windows 7 memory issue isn't that big a deal after all, as you'll soon see.

Apple's Cult of Secrecy

We all know that Apple is a secretive company, here's a report that sheds some light on just how secretive they can be.

Windows 7 Uses Too Much RAM?

It seems like Windows 7 is using up most of the available RAM as compared to Windows XP machines.

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