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Shortage of Chips Could Mean More Expensive Graphics Cards

Be prepared for more expensive graphics cards as the industry tries to cope with a severe shortage of chips.

MSI Introduces R5830 Twin Frozr II Graphics Cards

Equipped with excusive Twin Frozr II Thermal design, the MSI R5830 Twin Frozr II is 12℃ cooler thanks to dual 8CM PWM fans and quad Heatpipes.

COOL-ER eBook Reader Reaches Singapore

McCoy partners with Interead to bring in the COOL-ER ebook reader and Asia's first eBookStore.

Kingston Digital Ships Speedy Class 10 MicroSDHC Card

The Kingston 16GB microSDHC Class 10 card has a minimum data transfer rate of 10MB/sec. and ships either as a stand-alone microSDHC card or with adapters.

HIS Unveils HIS Radeon HD 5830 V iCooler 1GB GDDR5

Introducing the HIS 5830 iCooler V Turbo/ Standard 1GB GDDR5, the most affordable high performance graphics with ATI Eyefinity technology supported.

Sapphire HD 5830 and HD 5850 Mordern Warefare 2 Editions Launched

The Sapphire HD 5830 delivers fast, smooth implementation of DirectX10.1, DirectX 10 and DirectX 9.0 games and applications.

Possble Windows Phone 7 Upgrades to Existing Models

Here's one more for Microsoft - though not official, Microsoft has hinted that a Windows Phone 7 upgrade for existing devices is up for consideration by the OEMs.

NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 400 Series Reserved for Bigger Partners

DigiTimes has learned from anonymous sources that most of NVIDIA's second-tier partners still haven't received "complete reference board designs."

Foursquare Airs First TV Commercial

Popular location-based social networking app Foursquare has just aired their first commercial.

Sony Launches New Range Of Sleek And Stylish PC Headsets

Featuring snug 30mm driver units, sleek microphones and convenient volume control, Sony's latest headsets also offer increased comfort and convenience.

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