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iPad Won't Tether with iPhone

According to Steve Jobs, the non-3G, WiFi-only version of the iPad won't tether with the iPhone.

NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 480 Equals ATI Radeon HD 5870 Performance

NVIDIA has released its first official video of its forthcoming GeForce GTX 480, including a benchmark run against ATI's flagship single-GPU card, the HD 5870.

Kingston Releases World's First, Fastest Low-Voltage Memory

Kingston today announced the release of the world's first ultra-low voltage memory running at 1.25 volts at 1600MHz.

Pioneer Unveils New In-Vehicle Multimedia AV Receivers

Pioneer today announced the launch of three new in-vehicle multimedia AV receivers designed to deliver exceptional audio and video entertainment.

BlackBerry Slider Phone Images Leaked

A marriage between touchscreen and physical QWERTY keyboard - that's what a purported new BlackBerry device will be like, as seen in the leaked images.

"Mission Impossible" Crooks Steal $26k worth of Products

A bunch of thieves pulled a trick straight out of Mission Impossible and stole over US$20k worth of products.

Panasonic Sued For Deteriorating Black Levels

Panasonic's been hit with a class-action lawsuit for their panels' "brightening" black levels.

Mach Extreme Technology Unveils MX-DS series SSDs

Mach Extreme today unveiled the MX-DS Series SSD which makes MLC NAND-based storage a must have offering for enthusiasts demanding the latest technology.

Rumors of Nikon Competitor Against Canon G11

Seems like Nikon is feeling the heat and putting more emphasis on the compact camera market, with a rumored direct competitor to Canon's Powershot G11 in the making.

Is Steam Coming to the Mac?

Is Steam going to support Mac OS X? That appears to be an educated guess based on Valve's hints recently on its new beta Steam client.

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