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Yahoo Considering Buying Foursquare

Sources close to Foursquare and Yahoo revealed that Yahoo is considering buying the location-based startup for US$100 million.

WD Launches Newest WD VelociRaptor

As the only 10,000 RPM SATA hard drive on the market today, the WD VelociRaptor hard drive now comes with twice the capacity and up to 15% performance increase.

NEC Unveils New MultiSync PA241W Monitor

With the MultiSync PA241W LC monitor, NEC Asia Pacific is unveiling the first model in its new PA series.

Microsoft Brings TrueColor & BlueTrack Technologies to the Masses

Microsoft is bringing premium technology to the masses at great price points, bringing your computing experience to the next level, no matter where you are and how you use your PC.

Twitter Used to Predict Box Office Results

Two Silicon Valley researchers have claimed that monitoring twitter feeds can help predict the performance of movies on opening weekend.

HP Slate Specs Leaked, Compared to iPad

In more news related to Apple's iPad, the upcoming HP Slate's specs have been leaked and given a side-by-side comparison to the iPad.

iPhone OS 4 Will Be Revealed on April 8

iPhone OS 4 will be here quicker than expected, as many reports have surfaced stating that it will be revealed on April 8.

Windows 7 Market Share Reaches 10%

Windows 7 has reached a market share of more than 10% and this rapid growth appears to have some momentum behind it.

JooJoo Tablet Gets Dissected

With the good old Apple iPad hogging the limelight, let's not forget something that claimed to be better than the iPad - the JooJoo, which finally shipped to users and got dissected.

Over 600,000 iPads Sold on First Day

According to an analyst, around 600,000 to 700,000 iPads were sold on its first day.

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