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Sony Introduces New Walkman W and B Series

Sony's new Walkman W series is now water resistant and washable while the B series now has a new intuitive user experience with booming bass.

Kingston Unleashes ValueRAM Server Premier Memory Range

Kingston introduces an exciting addition to its ValueRAM server memory product offering, ValueRAM Server Premier Memory. This product line is made specifically for mission-critical server systems that require maximum uptime and reliability.

Google To Factor in Site Speed for Page Rank

Google decides to factor speed into their web search rankings. That's right, the faster your site, the better it will now rank. Time to get a faster host?

Electrowetting: e-readers With Color

A colour e-reader which supports video and potentially web browsing in future, as demonstrated by Dutch researchers.

AMD's Upcoming 6-core CPU to have Turbo Mode

AMD's upcoming 6-core processors will have its own 'Turbo Mode' that will automatically increase the clock speeds when 3 or more cores are idle.

Square-Shaped Motorola Android Device Spotted

A square-shaped phone. Now that's something we haven't seen in a long while, and it would seem as though Motorola might be bringing such a phone in, with Android 2.1 and Motoblur.

New MacBook Pros Incoming?

An eagle-eyed Reddit reader has noticed four new Apple notebook SKUs appear Microcentre purchasing system, indicating that new MacBook Pros are on the way.

Apple Shuts Down Flash Developers for iPhone OS

It wasn't too long ago that Adobe announced a Packager for iPhone feature in Adobe Flash CS5 that would allow Flash projects to be ported as native apps for the iPhone. Well, with the release of the new iPhone Developer Program License Agreement for iPhone OS 4.0, Apple has effectively shut that down.

Apple Announces New iPhone OS 4.0 Features

Apple announced brand new iPhone OS 4.0 features in a media-only event yesterday, slated for release this summer.

4-way SLI with GeForce GTX 480 is Possible

Although the GeForce GTX 480 officially supports only 3-way SLI, motherboard maker EVGA has confirmed that 4-way SLI will indeed work.

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