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Mozilla Targeting End Year Release of Firefox 4

Mozilla is hoping to release the newest version of Firefox - Firefox 4 - by the end of this year.

Google Android Tablet in the Works

First a phone, then a tablet. Google might not be a device manufacturer, but that isn't stopping them from putting their Android OS out there.

AMD Introduces Six New Processors

AMD has decided to freshen up its lower-end Athlon II lineup with a series of speed increases today

M1 launches application store with content for multiple platforms

M1 will launch an application store to bring the latest and most exciting applications to its customers under one roof.

Twitter Bug Forces People to Follow You

The Twitter bug has been solved, but it's still worth mentioning that for a brief period, you can force people, and by people, we mean famous celebrities, to follow your Twitter account.

Android Overtakes iPhone OS in U.S

It's official this time. NPD's latest smartphone market survey has revealed that there are now more Android mobile phones in the U.S than the iPhone.

Possible MacBook Air Update Incoming

According to Apple news sites, a possible update of the MacBook Air is coming our way.

Researchers Discover New Attack Bypassing Almost All Antivirus Protections

The method based on a bait and switch tactic makes almost all antivirus protections useless.

Mac OS X 10.6.4 to Address Graphics Issues

According to AppleInsider, the next update of Mac OS X will tackle issues with OpenGL, iPhoto and DVD Player.

What to Expect from Office 2010

The next iteration of Microsoft's dominant office suite, Office 2010 ships in June, but what can one expects from the latest version? Here's an early preview.

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