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Google Slides Gets Offline Editing Feature

Google has been adding offline capabilities to their web office suite, and the latest to get this much needed feature is Google Slides. Now users can create, edit, and present Google Slides presentations without requiring an Internet connection.

Apple Records Revenue and Profits, Yet Shares Prices Continue to Dive

Despite raking up record revenue and profits for Q1 2013, Apple's share prices continue to fall.

Samsung Breezes Past Apple As World's Leading Chip Customer

According to Gartner, Samsung has surpassed Apple in 2012 to become the world's leading buyer of semiconductor products.

Alleged Press Image of Samsung Galaxy S IV Surfaces

Rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S IV are coming fast and furious. This time, we are offered a peek at what possibly might be an official press image of the device.

Intel to Exit Desktop Motherboard Business Following Haswell's Launch

Intel is exiting the desktop motherboard business after the launch of its 4th generation Intel Core processors. This is according to Intel spokesman, Mr. Dan Snyder. The company will focus on areas that include reference design development and its Next Unit of Computing devices.

Intel's Haswell to Launch on 2 June

According to DigiTimes, Intel is planning to launch its 4th generation Intel Core CPUs. These chips sport a new processor microarchitecture that is codenamed Haswell. There have been official announcements heralding these chips; however, this report boldly stamps an exact date of their arrival.

Microsoft May Invest Up to $3 Billion to Help Take Dell Private

Cash-rich Microsoft is said to be in talks to help take Dell private, and may invest up to $3 billion to do so.

AMD Recruits Former Apple and Qualcomm Senior Engineers

AMD may be trying to expand beyond PC chips with the hiring of two senior engineers, Charlie Matar, previously senior vice president of engineering at Qualcomm, and Wayne Meretsky, previously technical lead for OS X at Apple.

Yahoo to Focus on Personalized Web Content

New Yahoo COO Henrique De Castro has hinted that the company will be focusing more on personalized web content. This would help make Yahoo relevant again, and possibly turn it into a destination that users trust and return to.

Samsung Galaxy S IV Will Not Be Announced at MWC, According to JK Shin

Other than confirming that the Galaxy Note 8 will be unveiled at MWC, Samsung's mobile division head JK Shin has also officially confirmed that the S IV mobile device will not be announced during the same event.

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