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Philips Withdraws from Consumer Electronics Market

Philips has announced that they will be bowing out from the Consumer Electronics market. The business will be sold to Japanese company Funai Electric, and Philips will be focusing on the highly competitive medical equipment sector.

Apple Successfully Trademarks Design of Its Retail Stores

After two previous unsuccessful attempts, Apple has finally filed a trademark claim with the U.S. patent office on the design of its signature minimalist retail stores.

China May Lift Video Game Console Ban After 13 Years

China might be removing its ban on gaming consoles, which started in 2000. This could be good news for gaming console vendors who are having difficulty getting into China's vast market officially.

Acer Sees Little Success in Windows, Looks to Google and Chrome

Acer President Jim Wong is disappointed with Windows 8, and says his company must look beyond Microsoft and build its smartphone portfolio if it is to succeed.

Kindle Fire Rules Android Tablet Market in the U.S.

According to app analytics company Localytics for Android devices, the U.S. accounts for 59 percent of Google's tablet market. Furthermore, one out of three Android tablets in the US is the Kindle Fire from Amazon.

Google+ Surpasses Twitter as Second Most Popular Social Network

In the final quarter of 2012, Google+ became the second most popular social media on the Internet, just slightly behind Facebook. In third place was Youtube, another Google product, while Twitter was in fourth place.

Unlocking Your Smartphone is Now Illegal in the U.S.

The U.S. Library of Congress has just passed a new law which makes it illegal for anyone to unlock a smartphone, with first time offenders subject to fines of up to US$500,000, imprisonment for five years, or both.

Lenovo Looking to Acquire RIM?

Lenovo has commented that it is currently "assessing potential acquisition targets and strategic alliances", including one with RIM as part of a strategy to boost its smartphone business.

Belkin Buys Linksys from Cisco

Cisco appears to be moving away from the consumer market and is looking for a buyer for Linksys. Belkin's purchase of Linksys is expected to be completed in March 2013 for an as of yet undisclosed amount.

Mozilla Unveils Two Dev Firefox OS Smartphones for Developers

To get gears up and running, the Mozilla Foundation also announced yesterday that smartphones running the Firefox OS will be available to developers in February. Because the devices are not designed for consumers, they will be running development versions of Firefox OS.

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