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Sales of Hybrid Vehicles Soaring

According to sales data, sales of hybrid vehicles has gone up considerably in the U.S. and now has a market share of 4%. This figure is expected to double by the end of this decade.

TomTom Introduces GO and Via Products

TomTom announces five new GPS devices in Singapore - the TomTom Via range and TomTom GO models.

Google HQ Gets Plugless Power for Electronic Vehicles

A Plugless Power EV charging station is being setup at the Mountain View HQ of Google, marking their first real steps in trialing technology that might eventually lead to a wider adoption of Electronic Vehicles.

Google Testing Self-Driving Cars

Google is giving us a glimpse into the future when it announced on its blog that it's in the process of testing a fully automated car that uses video cameras, radar sensors and a laser finder to navigate the roads.

Premium navigation technology arrives in Singapore with the award-winning TomTom GPS range

TomTom, the world’s leading provider of location and navigation solutions, today announced the arrival of the multi-award winning portable navigation devices (PNDs), the TomTom GO 750, TomTom XXL 550 and TomTom XL 250 in Singapore.

TomTom Will Be Entering the SG Market

TomTom announces that it will enter the Singapore market with dedicated Personal Navigation Devices (PNDs).

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