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Office 2013 for Android and iOS to Be Released in March 2013?

It is rumored that Microsoft will be releasing Office 2013 as a mobile software suite for both Android and iOS devices. This is according to the Czech website, IHNED, who spoke to a Microsoft product manager.

Windows 8 Needs Advancement, Says Microsoft's Co-founder

Microsoft's co-founder, Paul Allen, described various elements of Windows 8 as "puzzling" as the company readies itself for the launch of the new operating system in late October.

Minecraft Creator Not Intending to Validate Game for Windows 8

Too cool for Windows 8? Minecraft game creator Markus "Notch" Persson has tweeted that he is not interested in certifying the game for Windows 8. He declined Microsoft's request for Windows 8 certification and he even hit out at the Redmond company by saying he would forgo Windows 8 than to play along.

Instagram's Number of Daily Active Users Exceeds Twitter's

Instagram has surpassed Twitter in the number of daily mobile users. Instagram now boasts of 7.3 million daily mobile users, while Twitter has about 6.9 million. Additionally, the average amount of time a typical user spends on Instagram is about 257 minutes, compared to 169.9 minutes for Twitter.

Google Maps Brings Underwater 'Street' View

Google Maps is arguably one of the most sought-after digital maps on this planet. To demonstrate just how dedicated they are, Google has unveiled their first underwater Street View collection.

Apple Urges Users to Be Patient with Maps in iOS 6

Apple's latest Maps app isn't very well received, but they implored new users to be patient with it. The reason given was that it is still in the early stages, and will only get better as people access it more.

YouTube Experiments with Quiz Feature

YouTube adds a new beta Video Questions Editor feature which lets users make their videos more interactive by inserting questions during video playback which viewers can answer to.

Apple Mountain Lion OS X 10.8.2 Update Released

Along with iOS 6, Apple has also released OS X 10.8.2. The OS X update introduces Facebook integration and enhanced Facetime and Messages functionality.

Office for Windows RT Anticipated to Ship in November

Microsoft stated that Office for Windows RT will come pre-installed on Windows RT devices; however, it will be a preview version of Office Home and Student 2013. Customers will receive a free upgrade to the final version of the suite through Windows Update starting in November 2012 through January 2013.

Google Now Includes Do-Not-Track Support for Chrome Developer Build

Google's latest developer build of Chrome now features Do-Not-Track support. This means we might see this feature in upcoming consumer builds of the popular web browser.

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