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Apple Defers iTunes Overhaul to November

Apple has announced that it will be pushing back the release of the new major iTunes update back a month to November.

Google Upgrades 'Compose' Screen in Gmail

Google introduces a new 'Compose' screen on Gmail, as well as a handful of other features including a drag-and-drop function of the recipient chips between address fields.

Scott Forstall Reportedly Terminated over Refusal to Sign iOS Maps Apology

Scott Forstall, Apple's SVP for iOS software, is leaving Apple at the end of the year. But all is not as it seems as sources are reporting that he was let go because he was stubborn, manipulative, brash and disliked by Apple's top brass.

Skype for Windows 8 Introduced

Skype, the voice call and chat service provider that was acquired by Microsoft late last year for US$8.5 million, has announced a new Modern-style version of Skype for Windows 8. The app will be pre-installed on devices from 12 manufacturers, and be made available in the Windows Store come October 26.

Bill Gates Talks Windows 8

Bill Gates recently sat down with Steve Clayton, who writes for Microsoft's Technet blog, to share his thoughts on Windows 8 and what this new operating system means for the company.

Newsweek Ends 80-year Print Run, Goes Digital

80 years in print later, Newsweek will move to an all-digital format early 2013 and will cease its print publication on the last day of this year due to the increasingly challenging print advertising environment, and a growing online audience.

Microsoft Debuts Official Windows 8 Commercial

With Windows 8's launch date just ten days away, the countdown's officially underway with Microsoft rolling out its first 30-second commercial for the new OS. Check it out inside.

Google Challenged by Microsoft in Motorola's Patent Lawsuit

Microsoft plans to name Google as a defendant in an ongoing legal feud against phone-maker, Motorola Mobility. This move marks the first time the two software giants have entered into direct legal conflict over Google's Android mobile operating system.

Microsoft Announces Windows 8 Pro Prices and Packaging

It's two weeks to the October 26 launch of Windows 8, and we finally have pricing and packaging confirmation from Microsoft. The Windows 8 Pro upgrade DVD costs US$69.99, and an online upgrade costs US$39.99.

Microsoft Updating Built-in Apps for Windows 8 Till Oct 26 Launch

If you're running the RTM version of Windows 8, remember to check the Windows Store for updates to the built-in apps. The Redmond giant will continue to issue updates all the way to the OS' public launch on 26 October.

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