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Twitter Unveils Email Sharing

According to Twitter's recent blog post, users will soon be able to email a Tweet directly from their Twitter stream to contacts who are not followers or anyone for that matter. This new feature will be rolled out over the following weeks.

Windows 8, RT to Get First Critical Security Patches

Microsoft gets ready to release its first security patches for Windows 8 and RT operating systems. These patches are meant to address vulnerabilities in Windows, Internet Explorer and the .NET framework.

Russia's Mail.Ru Reduces Stake in Facebook, Groupon, and Zynga

Russian email-to-social networking group,, has cut its stakes in Facebook, Groupon, and Zynga, according to the company's website.

Apple and HTC Sign 10-year Patent Cross-Licensing Deal

Apple and HTC have settled all their outstanding patent litigation with a 10-year cross-licensing deal that covers current and future patents by both companies.

Microsoft's Midori OS Still Alive and In Progress

Microsoft has been working on a new OS called Midori for a couple of years. Besides developing their Windows operating systems, Midori is the company's new operating system, believed to be designed around Singularity that was a Microsoft Research microkernel operating system.

Microsoft Highlights Differences Between IE10 for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8

In addition to talking about the new features of Internet Explorer 10, Microsoft also highlighted the differences between IE10 on Windows Phone 8 and the desktop-based Windows 8 in a recent article published on their Windows Phone Developer blog.

Screenshots of Office 2013 for Android and iOS Leaked

Screenshots of Office 2013 for Android and iOS have been leaked and it appears that the software is nearing completion. According to The Verge who spoke with 'several sources', the applications are indeed real and will be released in early 2013.

Security Firm Uncovers Multiple Zero-Day Vulnerabilities in Windows 8 and IE10

Researchers at Vupen Security (a private security firm that is based in France) claimed that they have discovered multiple zero-day vulnerabilities in Windows 8 and IE10. These security flaws may potentially allow cybercriminals to gain control of a Windows 8 machine remotely.

Hurricane Sandy Covered by Time Magazine Utilizing Instagram

Time Magazine has given five photographers direct access to its Instagram feed recently in a bid to bring Hurricane Sandy coverage to their readers as quickly as possible.

London to Deploy 14,000 iPad-Controlled Street Lamps

The city of London is replacing its street lamps with 14,000 more efficient iPad-controlled ones over the next four years.

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