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Apple Shuts Down Flash Developers for iPhone OS

It wasn't too long ago that Adobe announced a Packager for iPhone feature in Adobe Flash CS5 that would allow Flash projects to be ported as native apps for the iPhone. Well, with the release of the new iPhone Developer Program License Agreement for iPhone OS 4.0, Apple has effectively shut that down.

Apple Announces New iPhone OS 4.0 Features

Apple announced brand new iPhone OS 4.0 features in a media-only event yesterday, slated for release this summer.

Free MapQuest 4 App Adds Voice Navigation to iPhone

MapQuest 4 adds voice navigation to the iPhone, and if you're wondering about the cost, it's a free app.

iPhone OS 4 Will Be Revealed on April 8

iPhone OS 4 will be here quicker than expected, as many reports have surfaced stating that it will be revealed on April 8.

Windows 7 Market Share Reaches 10%

Windows 7 has reached a market share of more than 10% and this rapid growth appears to have some momentum behind it.

Microsoft Addresses Security Vulnerability in Internet Explorer

Microsoft issues a security bulletin out-of-band, MS10-018, to address the vulnerability in Internet Explorer 6 and 7 that could allow remote code execution.

Location-based Provider ShowNearby Releases First Business Intelligence Tool

Singapore's location-based service provider, ShowNearby, launches its Analytics tool to provide business intelligence solutions for Singapore's private, people and public sectors.

Savant Details ROSIE iPad App

Savant to bring the ROSIE home automation application to the iPad.

Google Bringing Adobe Flash to Chrome

Google has announced that it intends to integrate Flash player into Chrome, such that there's no need to download a plugin-in.

Omnimo Introduces Windows Phone 7 Theme on Windows Desktop

If you're itching to have a feel of the upcoming Windows Phone 7 interface, customize your desktop to the Metro UI with Omnimo.

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