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Adobe Releases Lightroom 3.3 and Camera Raw 6.3 Along with New Lens Profile Downloader

Adobe's Lightroom 3.3 and Camera Raw 6.3 updates are available for download on

Google Announces Updates for Chrome, the Web Store and Chrome OS

Google Chrome OS pilot program launches, Chrome Web Store opens in the US, while the latest Chrome runs complex JavaScript programs up to twice as fast as before.

Linux Alternative To Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 Goes Into Beta

Useful Corporation releases a Beta version of its Linux alternative to Microsoft Windows Multipoint Server 2010

OnLive Demos Windows 7 on Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab

If you can't wait to use a tablet with Windows 7, OnLive gives you that option when it demonstrated how the iPad and Galaxy Tab are running a virtualized Windows 7 interface on both tablets.

Google Launches ebook Store

Google opens its own online electronic bookstore in a bid to enter the lucrative ebook market hogged by Kindle-maker Amazon. Google's ebooks will be stored in the "cloud" and be available for reading from any computer connected to the Internet, or via applications on mobile devices such as smartphones.

Facebook Conducts Facelift For Profile Pages

Facebook is redesigning the profile pages of its users to make it more of a reflection of their real lives and emphasize one of the site's most popular features, photos.

Pay Your Friends On Facebook and Twitter With Dwolla

Dwolla, a peer to peer payment platform, announces its service is now available in America with support for Twitter and Facebook.

Playing World of Warcraft on Android Might be a Reality

World of Warcraft players, you may either rejoice, or fear this news. Word has it that you might be able to play World of Warcraft on your Android device, with the help of GameString and its streaming technology.

"Daily App Dream" Offers Free Games And Apps On iOS Platforms

Daily Dream App offers no less than 3 high-quality, handpicked free games and apps on the Apple iOS platforms every day in its opening week.

Google Chrome 8 Released - Bug fixes and More!

Google Chrome 8 gets a stable release with some new features and plenty of bug fixes.

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