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Adobe Emergency Security Updates for Flash Player Released

Adobe has just released emergency security updates for the company's Flash Player to address two vulnerabilities which are being exploited in the wild.

Google Working on Touchscreen Chromebook Pixel?

There's a video of a sexy new hi-res touchscreen Chromebook floating around on the web, except it might not have come from Google. However, there are some clues which seem to point to Google having a hand in the creation of this concept Chromebook.

Google Working on New Unified Messaging Platform?

There's a Chrome OS screenshot posted by a developer showing a new messaging service from Google. There's no official word on what it really is, but it contains notifications from at least three different Google services, which would qualify it as a unified messaging system.

New Keyboard App Fleksy Guarantees Accurate Blind Typing

New keyboard app Fleksy claims to have an autocorrect system that's so accurate that even blind users can type fast and accurately. Extreme mobile typists can even type without the keyboard being visible for maximum convenience.

Dropbox Will Focus More on Content Rather Than Files

Dropbox recently gave a preview on what to expect from its service in 2013. The new features shown, will place emphasis on how a user's content will be displayed. This signals Dropbox's desire of being more than just a storage locker in the cloud.

Hacker Geohot Releasing New Photo App Named Reactions

Hacker geohot, AKA George Hotz, best known for hacking the iPhone and PlayStation 3, has developed a new photo sharing app that utilizes both the front and back cameras to capture both the subject and your reaction.

Google Slides Gets Offline Editing Feature

Google has been adding offline capabilities to their web office suite, and the latest to get this much needed feature is Google Slides. Now users can create, edit, and present Google Slides presentations without requiring an Internet connection.

Apple Records Revenue and Profits, Yet Shares Prices Continue to Dive

Despite raking up record revenue and profits for Q1 2013, Apple's share prices continue to fall.

Microsoft May Invest Up to $3 Billion to Help Take Dell Private

Cash-rich Microsoft is said to be in talks to help take Dell private, and may invest up to $3 billion to do so.

Yahoo to Focus on Personalized Web Content

New Yahoo COO Henrique De Castro has hinted that the company will be focusing more on personalized web content. This would help make Yahoo relevant again, and possibly turn it into a destination that users trust and return to.

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