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HP Considers Selling webOS

As HP struggles to re-organize themselves, a big question looms over the Palm (webOS) unit that HP bought for US$1.2 billion last year. Does it have a role to play in HP's future?

DevilRobbber Steals from Unsuspecting Users in Every Sense of the Word

A Mac OS X Trojan, DevilRobber steals your digital currency as well as your private information. It consumes your GPU's computing time for its own nefarious purpose too.

Hackers Port Linux Backdoor Trojan to Target Mac OS X

A newly discovered backdoor Trojan named Tsunami threatens to hit poorly protected Mac computers and turn them into IRC-controlled bots for planned DDoS attacks.

Norton 2012 Security Products and Norton One Introduced

Norton addresses the rising security concerns of online personal information in the form of its 2012 products. Also introduced is the Norton One, a personalized service that will protect consumers across multiple devices.

Buy a Multi-Platform Messaging App, Help Special Olympics Singapore

An app that supports messaging across multiple platforms will go on sale today with all proceeds to be donated to Special Olympics Singapore.

ASUS Eee Pad Family Slated for Ice Cream Sandwich Update

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer owners can expect the latest Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich update on their tablets, though ASUS hasn't confirmed an availability date for the update.

Skype's Security Flaw Can Expose A User's Identity, Location and Filesharing Habits

By exploiting a security flaw in Skype, security researchers are able to identity the user, track his location as well as monitor his P2P activities.

Nikon Launches my Picturetown Pad App for iPads and iPhones

Nikon announces that its free my Picturetown Pad app for iPads and iPhones is available for download from Apple's App Store.

Duqu Trojan is the James Bond of Cyberattacks

Researchers have christened a newly uncovered Trojan "Duqu" and is described as the precursor to the infamous Stuxnet due to their striking similarities.

Kingston Updates Wi-Drive App

Consumers can enjoy expanded features on the award-winning Kingston Wi-Drive such as wireless file loading and deleting.

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