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Club 3D Announces the BF3 Game Pack

Available in 2 variations, the game bundle includes the hottest FPS video game of the year - the Battlefield 3.

Adobe Ditches Flash for Mobile Devices

Adobe decides to abandon its Flash Player for mobile devices and now will focus its energies of developing applications and tools for the HTML 5 platform.

Google's CEO Working Hard to Streamline Company

Larry Page who took over as Google's CEO in April, is working hard at streamlining the company to make it more efficient as well as dropping projects that aren't successful enough.

No More Gmail App for BlackBerry Users

Google has just announced that they will be discontinuing their Gmail App for BlackBerry devices. While the current application will still be available for download until the 22nd of November 2011, no future versions of the application will be released.

Barnes & Noble Requests Probe into Microsoft's Patent Tactics

Barnes & Noble accuses Microsoft of attempting to impair the competition by demanding royalties for the use of Android. The bookseller also requested for U.S. regulators to investigate their claim against Microsoft.

Record BF3 Missions with the MSI Predator

With the MSI Predator, a freeware bundled with the MSI Afterburner, gamers and users no longer need to use third party software in order to produce their video content.

WebOS Still Stuck in Limbo

When HP called for a meeting with webOS employees on Tuesday to discuss about the fate of what used to be the most promising mobile operating systems out there, everyone thought that a decision has been made. Turns out it was the exact opposite.

Microsoft Releases Duqu Workaround, Keeps Mum on Patch Release Timeline

A temporary fix has been released by Microsoft for the Duqu Trojan, however, the company didn't comment on the timeline for the release of its official patch for this vulnerability.

Acronis to Snap Up Disk Image Deployment Market

This latest version includes the ability to customize configuration settings on a per-machine basis, such as setting a unique IP address.

Overclock Desktop Graphics with the MSI Afterburner for iOS

MSI has released the Afterburner App for the iOS platform, so iPhone and iPad users can monitor and overclock their graphics cards over a Wi-Fi network.

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