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Windows 8 Market Share Only at 3.31%, Windows 7 and XP Continue to Reign

According to data from Net Applications, market share of Windows 8, though increasingly steadily, is only at 3.31%. More than 80% of Windows users are still using Windows 7 and XP.

Google Translate for Android Adds Offline Support

Android users will be pleased to know that the Google Translate app is now available offline for their mobile devices running the Android 2.3 Gingerbread platform and later, with support for fifty languages including French, Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic.

Apple Buys Indoor Mapping Firm WifiSLAM

Apple has recently acquired WifiSLAM, a company that specializes in indoor mapping services, for about US$20 million. The only other tech giant which offers similar services (airports, shopping malls and sports venues, etc) is Google.

Apple's Jon Ive is Pushing for Starker and Simpler "Flat Design" in Next iOS

Jony Ive, who has recently taken over Apple's Human Interface team, is said to be pushing for a simpler, "flat design" for the upcoming iOS.

Yahoo May Buy Stake in Video Sharing Site Dailymotion

There are unconfirmed reports circulating that Yahoo might be in talks to purchase a major controlling stake in video sharing site, Dailymotion. If the deal goes through, it would be Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer's first major acquisition since taking over Yahoo.

Microsoft Next-Gen Office 365 for Business Released

Microsoft has announced the worldwide availability of a major new update to its Microsoft Office 365 services for businesses. Microsoft's most complete Office cloud service to date has new features and offerings tailored to the needs and budgets of small, medium-size, and large organizations.

Firefox to Begin Blocking Third Party Cookies

Upcoming Firefox builds will be blocking third party cookies by default. Firefox currently has a "do not track" extension, but many third party advertisers simply ignore the "do not track" requests of the extension and leave a cookie behind anyway.

Snapchat for Android Launches

Snapchat, an app that lets you to send video messages that disappear one to 10 seconds after being watched, is now available in the Google Play Store.

Google Drive Adds New Preview Functionality

Google has announced the new preview feature in Google Drive. Users can now quickly and easily browse through more than 30 file types in Google Drive without having to open them.

Apple Attacked by Hackers, Will Issue Malware Removal Tool Soon (Updated)

According to a statement by Apple, the company was attacked by hackers but said that no data was retrieved. Also, the company will issue a malware removal tool soon.

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