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Nokia Belle Arrives

The Nokia Belle software update will be available progressively in Singapore from 8 February for Nokia C6-01, C7, E6, E7, N8 and X7, and users can update their devices for free via PC on Nokia Suite.

Chrome Finally Appears on Android

Most of us have been wondering when the second most preferred browser on the Internet (Chrome of course) would appear on Google's other baby, Android. Well we can stop wondering, because Chrome Beta has just appeared on the Android Market.

Microsoft Puts a Stop to the Start Menu for Windows 8

One of the most commonly recognizable features of the Windows OS over more than a decade has been the Start Button and Menu. Microsoft has made the radical decision to ditch both for the upcoming Windows 8.

Facebook and Google Pull Content In India

Google and Facebook, said Monday they have removed allegedly offensive material on their Indian sites as part of a court case deemed as a test for Internet censorship and control.

Offline Access Given to Google Docs for Android App

No internet connection on your Android device and you need a file within Google Docs for your last minute meeting? Fortunately, an update to the Google Docs Android app lets you select any file in Google Docs to make it available offline.

Get Up to 4.5GB of Extra Storage Space on Dropbox Free

Popular cloud storage service Dropbox is currently offering up to 4.5GB of extra space for users who volunteer to try its experimental build 1.3.12. The new build allows users to automatically sync photos from cameras, phones and SD cards with their accounts.

Windows Phone 8 Apollo Details Leaked

Rumored for a Q4 2012 release, the Apollo update for Microsoft's Windows Phone platform has its details leaked. New hardware support such as multi-core, NFC and new screen resolutions, on top of a streamlined integration with Windows 8, have been revealed.

Microsoft Releases Kinect For Windows

14 months after the release of Kinect for Xbox 360, Microsoft have released Kinect for Windows. However, they will not be supporting the device with games, instead, its intended market will be commercial clients and developers.

Boxee's PC Client Bids Its Last Adieu

Boxee has removed its PC-based applications from its servers with effect from yesterday. The company will concentrate on CE offerings such as the Boxee Box henceforth.

New Malware Discovered by Symantec on Android Market

In a blog post, Symantec identified multiple publisher IDs on the Android Market that are being used to push out Android.Counterclank. The malware in question has a bot-like behavior, which can receive commands to steal information from the Android device.

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