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twheel Delivers New UI for Twitter

An application called twheel which provides a fun, game-like interface for Twitter is now available on the AppStore.

Microsoft to Reinforce OEM Activation Process for Windows 8?

According to leaked slides on the Internet, Microsoft will be updating its OEM Activation mechanism to version 3.0 for the upcoming Windows 8. OA 3.0 will allow OEMs to digitally order and receive keys from Microsoft. Also, an exclusive product key is required to be written into each PC.

ATC-NY Releases Computer Forensics Tool, Mem Marshal

Nem Marshal is a user-friendly and automated memory analysis system which helps forensic investigators analyze captured volatile memory (RAM) images.

Microsoft Announces Windows 8 has Released to Manufacturing

Microsoft today announced that Windows 8 has reached the released to manufacturing (RTM) stage. This means that Microsoft has wrapped up the final testing phase, and is delivering the operating system to its hardware partners in preparation of the previously announced October 26 public launch.

Symantec Elevates Mobile Productivity with New Android and iOS Protection Capabilities

Symantec has announced mobile portfolio updates to enable secure mobile email deployments, mobile application initiatives and Bring Your Own Device programs.

Microsoft Releases the New Office

The new Microsoft Office customer preview has been unveiled featuring an intuitive design which works with touch, stylus, mouse, or keyboard across new Windows devices including tablets. It will delivered to subscribers through a cloud service.

Parallels Mobile Launches Update for New iPad and More

Users can now remotely access and run their Macs and all of the operating systems, applications and files they need right from their iOS mobile device, without compromising on image quality.

Draw Something Loses 5M Users a Month After Zynga Takeover

According to Appdata, Draw Something has lost 5 million users a month after Zynga's acquisition of its developer OMGPOP.

Dolby Inks Deal with Microsoft

Dolby Labs Inc has signed a pact with Microsoft to include their Dolby Digital Plus multi-channel codecs in the upcoming Windows 8 operating system for tablets and personal computers.

Inform Your Friends You're An Organ Donor on Facebook

Facebook unveils a new organ-donor status feature in the US and the UK to help those in dire need find a generous life-saver.

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