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Microsoft to Unveil New Xbox on 21 May

Lawrence Hryb, the Director of Programming for the Microsoft gaming network Xbox Live, has confirmed that the new Xbox will be unveiled on 21st May, with a showcase of the full lineup of games taking place later at E3.

Brute Force Attack on WordPress Sites Spawns Super Botnet

Security analysts have discovered an on-going attack on computers and servers running the WordPress blogging applications. Confirmed by three separate web hosting services, the assailants are using brute force attacks to steal administrative credentials for themselves.

Microsoft Scroogled Ad Attacks Android's Privacy Policy

It's no secret that Microsoft and Google are rivals. Microsoft has even launched an anti-Google campaign, Scroogled, targeting certain Google services like Gmail. This time the Scroogled campaign has set its sights on Android and its privacy policy.

HP Chairman Resigns Over Mismanaged Acquisition

HP chairman Ray Lane has stepped down from his position as head of the board of directors following the mismanaged saga of the acquisition of software company Autonomy. Two other board members are also stepping down, while investor and board member Ralph Whitworth is taking over as interim chairman.

Yahoo Mail Gets Dropbox Integration

In order to keep pace with Hotmail from Microsoft and Gmail from Google, both of which provide access to SkyDrive and Google Drive respectively, Yahoo has struck a deal which will offer Dropbox integration for their Yahoo Mail service.

Google Maps Street View Takes to the Mountains

Google Maps Street View doesn't only include panoramic views of streets around the world, but also many interesting landmarks and sites such as the Grand Canyon. And being added to the list now are four out of the Seven Summits for those who love mountains.

ASUS Announces Open Cloud Strategy and New Mobile Devices at MWC 2013

At MWC, ASUS also announces its open cloud strategy, dubbed ASUS Open Cloud Computing (AOCC), which consists of four distinct services: AOCloud, AOLink, AOStream and AOHelp.

LG Electronics Acquires webOS from HP for Smart TVs

The story of WebOS takes another turn as LG Electronics has bought the platform from HP. Rather than being used for smartphones and tablets, LG will be utilizing WebOS for its Smart TVs.

Apple Attacked by Hackers, Will Issue Malware Removal Tool Soon (Updated)

According to a statement by Apple, the company was attacked by hackers but said that no data was retrieved. Also, the company will issue a malware removal tool soon.

Google Glasses to be Integrated with Bonephone Technology?

According to new papers filed with the FCC, Google Glass may come equipped with bone conduction technology for delivering audio for the user. In its filing, Google mentions a vibrating element which will be responsible for rendering audio while video plays.

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