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Kabini Motherboards Spotted at Computex 2013

AMD showcased some products based on the new Kabini APU and we managed to spot some Kabini motherboards at Computex 2013.

Digital Storm Unleashes the Bolt Titan Edition Slim Gaming PC

The Bolt Titan Edition comes equipped with the world's fastest graphics card, the NVIDIA GTX Titan, which utilizes the same technology that powers Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Titan, the world's fastest supercomputer.

Scientists Claims to Have Invented Crash-Proof Computer

A team of computer scientists at the University of London claims to have created a self-healing and crash-proof computer. Their computer is based on systemic computing where each set of computer instructions are executed independently, making the whole system less prone to our familiar BSOD.

It's Official - Dell is Going Private with Microsoft's $2 Billion Loan

Recent talks of Dell going private turned out to be true after all with Dell entering into an agreement to be purchased back for US$24.4 billion by Dell's founder and CEO, Michael Dell in partnership with private equity firm Silver Lake, and with assistance from Microsoft and a few financing institutions.

Google Working on New Unified Messaging Platform?

There's a Chrome OS screenshot posted by a developer showing a new messaging service from Google. There's no official word on what it really is, but it contains notifications from at least three different Google services, which would qualify it as a unified messaging system.

Acer Sees Little Success in Windows, Looks to Google and Chrome

Acer President Jim Wong is disappointed with Windows 8, and says his company must look beyond Microsoft and build its smartphone portfolio if it is to succeed.

Apple Records Revenue and Profits, Yet Shares Prices Continue to Dive

Despite raking up record revenue and profits for Q1 2013, Apple's share prices continue to fall.

Microsoft May Invest Up to $3 Billion to Help Take Dell Private

Cash-rich Microsoft is said to be in talks to help take Dell private, and may invest up to $3 billion to do so.

Dell Reportedly in Talks to Go Private

Dell is said to be in "serious" talks with two private-equity firms to take the company private, according to sources.

Lenovo Flaunts the Erazer X700 Gaming Desktop PC at CES

Besides showcasing its new lineup of consumer and business Windows 8 touch-optimized devices, Lenovo also presented its latest extreme performance gaming desktop PC - the Lenovo Erazer X700 - at the CES 2013.

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