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Western Digital Begins Shipping World's Slimmest 1TB Drive

Western Digital has announced that it has began shipping the world's thinnest 7mm 1TB drive, the WD Blue.

Hitachi GST Introduces Helium-Filled Hard Disk Drive Platform

Hitachi GST has announced its new helium-filled hard disk drive platform. This radical technology is touted to reduce power consumption by around 23 percent and in turn helps to lower overall operating temperatures by up to four degree Celsius. The company plans to ship these HDDs by 2013.

Toshiba to Increase HDD Production by 35% to Meet Demand

Toshiba will be boosting production of hard drives by about 35% in the next three years to meet increasing demand from data centers and PC manufacturers.

WD Ships Energy-Efficient Hard Drive for Ultrabook Devices

The latest addition to its mobile hard drive family, the Scorpio Blue is also the 2.5-inch drive with the lowest power consumption on the market. Compatibility with industry-standard 9.5mm slots make them the ideal storage for notebooks, including Ultrabook devices which require a 7mm drive height.

WD Announces Availability of Its Third-Gen S25 SAS Hard Drives

Designed for demanding applications such as online transaction processing and multi-tiered networked storage arrays, the drives come in capacities of 300GB, 450GB, 600GB, and 900GB.

Hybrid Drives Likely to Push Ultrabook Prices Down

Right now, Ultrabook prices are a little out of reach for some consumers, while others may complain about its small storage space. Both issues are directly associated with the Ultrabook's reliance on SSDs, but hybrid drives might just be the solution that PC manufacturers are looking for.

New Heat Technology for HDDs Offers 10x Capacity and 300x Performance Compared to Existing Drives

Developed by a group of scientists led by the University of York's Department of Physics, the new heat technology allows for 10 times storage capacity and 300 times performance compared to current disk drives.

Hitachi GST Ships Two New 4TB Deskstar-Based HDDs

Hitachi GST has launched two products based on its new 4TB HDDs early this week. The Deskstar 5K4000 is a 3.5-inch HDD targeted at consumer PCs while its Touro Desk external drive, with the new 4TB capacity, houses the Deskstar 5K4000.

Hitachi GST Unveils 2.5-inch HDD

Reportedly offering up to 18% faster sequential I/O than its predecessors, the 2.5-inch Ultrastar C10K900 is available in capacities including 300GB, 450GB, and 600GB.

Intel Lowers its Q4 Revenue Outlook Due to Shortage of HDDs

Intel has lowered its Q4 revenue expectations to be between US$13.4 and US$14 billion. The revised figures are down approximately 6 to 9% from the earlier expected revenue figures of between US$14.2 to US$15.2 billion.

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