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ZoneOut: The iPod Nano's Video Day Out

ZoneOut: The iPod Nano's Video Day Out

The nano's Day Out

Testing the Video Quality on the iPod nano

When the iPod nano was first unveiled many of us were thinking "ok, so they made it even smaller yet, what else?" Much to our surprise, we found out that this 'Kit-Kat' candy bar iPod nano device had a nifty feature up its sleeve and by that, we mean the video camera of course. While we all know what to expect out of the nano's audio functionality and quality, wouldn't it be cool if the video camera was decent enough for web video sharing needs? This could even mean ditching the need to spend on the new wave of dedicated pocket friendly video cameras.

To check out just what sort of mileage you can get out of the fifth generation iPod nano, we just had to bring it out to VivoCity (Singapore) and test out its video recording merits by filming the sights and sounds of the mall. Using the H.264 video CODEC setting and a resolution of 640x480 pixels (you'll need to head to YouTube to catch the full size edition), here are the results of our little 'voyeuristic' experiment:-

Undoubtedly, the usefulness of the new video camera on the latest nano cannot be underestimated in capturing your memories on the go. Though the resolution is nothing to shout about as compared to other small image/video capturing devices like the Samsung Omnia HD mobile phone or the Flip Mini camcorder, the nano managed to capture decently clear footage under sunlight. And of course, the video effects that can be applied are fun aspects that complement this lifestyle device.

To conclude on its video camera functionality, it's pretty decent, but not better than those found on the newest mobile phones launched recently. It is however a definite plus if you have an older mobile phone and require the nano to double up as your audio buddy and for quick and easy video captures. It won't dethrone dedicated camcorders for sure, but for web-only sharing needs, the nano's video camera functionality has its merits.

Apart from its video recording function, the fifth generation iPod nano also has several other cool functions under its hood. For starters, users who love listening to the tunes played on your favorite radio stations will be happy to note that it offers FM radio playback function - another first time in the nano series. The Nano also managed to squeeze in a sweet pedometer into its tiny frame which would come in highly useful for the health conscious folks. Lastly, the nano is available in 8GB and 16GB flavors at S$228 and S$288 respectively for your consideration.