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The Top Five iPhone 4 Accessories to Get

The Top Five iPhone 4 Accessories to Get

The Top Five iPhone 4 Accessories to Get

The Top Five iPhone 4 Accessories to Get

Well, if you’re seriously considering getting an iPhone 4, then you might want to get these accessories to at least protect your phone, or to improve reception. As you may have heard, using a casing does reduce problems that may be caused by the antenna that’s located in the steel band surrounding the iPhone 4. So number one on our shopping list - a casing to help with reception issues!

Apple iPhone 4 Bumper Casing

The official casing retails at US$29 but it’s really needed if you’ve been reading the reports of signal loss due to your hand touching the connection points. Apple has already acknowledged the problem, and will be giving out free Bumpers. We have yet to get confirmation whether this offer will also be extended locally, so for now, it's either US$29 or free.


Duct Tape

If you don’t want to spend the cash on a casing, well, there’s always the option of applying duct tape to the left side to help reduce the amount of skin contact and attenuation of the antenna. It’s also a really cheap method, but at the cost of making your iPhone 4 look slightly silly.


iPhone 4 Dock

Unfortunately for most users, the older iPhone docks aren’t compatible with the newer iPhone 4 (surprise, surprise), so your best bet would be to get a new one that’s retailing at US$29. It is also not backwards compatible, so be warned.


Audio Technica ATH-SQ5

If you want something better than the default earphones provided with the phone, but doesn’t cost a bomb, the Audio Technica SQ5 is the value for money buy that’s slightly over S$100 (at S$128 to be exact) and features decent all rounded sound with good bass performance.


Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10vi

The flagship product is not one for the faint of wallet as it comes at a hefty S$699 price tag. But you will be getting a pair of in-ear earphones that packs triple drivers capable of delivering the lows, mids and highs of your music with ease. It also features an integrated mic to answer your phone calls.