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Samsung's Notebook Resurgence

Samsung's Notebook Resurgence


Back For Good

Samsung and notebooks. Now that's an association you don't hear very often. Having taken a hiatus from the laptop segment for more than two years in this region, Samsung has sprung right back into the mobile computing scene with five new models to mark their re-entry. They include two 10.1-inch netbooks from the N series, followed by three 14.1-inch notebooks from the X and R notebook series.

We were also told that all systems and parts are produced in-house, and Samsung's notebooks also hail from a manufacturing plant based in Suzhou, China. Surprised? Maybe not, since almost everything seems to hail from China these days. This launch, relevant only to the Southeast Asia and Oceania regions for now, is also part of Samsung's grand plan to establish themselves further in the regional IT industry. According to Display Search, netbook sales are expected to spike by 27 million units for the year 2009 alone. Having anchored their core businesses in the consumer electronics market, it's no mystery why Samsung is now out for a slice of the netbook/notebook pie. Perhaps global domination is next?