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Samsung's IT Products Cluster Launch - Of Printers and Notebooks

Samsung's IT Products Cluster Launch - Of Printers and Notebooks

Printing Notebooks

Printing Notebooks

Samsung’s latest event showcasing both printers and notebooks may seem quite strange, given as how printers and notebooks don’t usually go hand in hand in the typical consumer's mind. Heck, even we were slightly puzzled, but if you take both categories separately like we did, then at least things start to make some sense.

Anyhows, let’s start with the new printers first. Samsung rolled out the first generation of its laser printers to use polymerized toners, which promise sharper, glossier prints and increased durability. The polymerized toners also use 35 per cent less energy compared to previous toners. These polymerized toners aren't backwards compatible and only work with compatible printers.

Color Laser Printers

Continuing the Samsung tradition of having a 'world's most something,' the CLP-325 and CLP-325W boast of being the world's smallest color laser printers. These consumer-level printers come with Wi-Fi connectivity and go for $328 for the CLP-325 and $398 for the CLP-325W.

The CLP-320N color laser printer is another compact model that zips along at 16 pages per minute (B&W) and 4 pages per minute (color). Selling at $368.

Color Laser Multifunction Printers

Those looking for a little more functionality have four more choices in the CLX-3185, CLX-3185N, CLX-3185FN and CLX-3185FW. Samsung's One-Touch features abound in these printers, like the One-Touch Eco Copy button which lets you copy two pages of content on one page.

The CLX-3185F/FN adds networking features, while the CLX-3185FN goes further with enterprise features like fax forward-to-server.

Prices are $548 for the CLX-3185, a lucky $888 for the CLX-3185FW, $648 for the CLX-3185N and $798 for the CLX-3185FN (the latter two will reach our shores on August 27th).

Mono Laser Multifunction Printer

Don't need color? The SCX-4623FW mono laser multifunction printer is built for home users and SMBs. One-Touch features like One-Touch Print Screen plus Wi-Fi can be had for $498.