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Samsung's Big Bash - The 3D Eagle has Landed

Samsung's Big Bash - The 3D Eagle has Landed

LCD, Plasma TVs & Blu-ray Players

Say Hello To The Rest Of The 3D AV Crew

Now that we're done talking about the LED series, let us bring you some highlights from the refreshed LCD and Plasma range. Besides Samsung's recent assortment of conventional 2D displays, a 3D-ready model can also be found in both the LCD and Plasma category as well. More notably, the LCD Series 7 and Plasma Series 7+ models.

The LCD 750 model bears a few hallmark qualities, like Samsung's four-legged Quad Stand designed to mimic furniture instead looking of a typical TV base. Looking up, the LCD 750's panel is similarly powered by the 3D HyperReal Engine, on top of the AllShare wireless connectivity perk and internet widgets. By the way, users can also buff up their app count by downloading them from the Samsung Apps site. The Plasma 7000 model isn't built with the Quad Stand, but it is stylishly fashioned with Samsung's black metal Crystal Design. Like the rest of the 3D-ready models mentioned, the Plasma 7000 is able to convert 2D sources into a 3D display in real time.


True Blue 3D

Before 3D content starts streaming into our living rooms, it is likely consumers will have to rely on 3D Blu-ray titles for their stereoscopic fix. With this in mind, Samsung has just the right Blu-ray player for this purpose. The BD-C6900 is decked with 3D playback support, and comes with integrated Wi-Fi and Internet@TV as well. If you're into analog outputs, this BD player's 7.1-channel output might also tickle your fancy. Samsung is rolling out the C6900 this month. Other than the C6900, Samsung also released another BD player, the 1.1-inch slim BD-C7500, although this isn't a 3D-capable unit.