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Samsung's Big Bash - The 3D Eagle has Landed

Samsung's Big Bash - The 3D Eagle has Landed


Samsung Southeast Asia & Oceania Forum 2010

HardwareZone has just returned from the first ever Samsung Southeast Asia & Oceania Forum at the SUNTEC Singapore Convention Centre. Even though a whole host of products were shown at the exhibition, it was clear from the start that the main stars of the day were the brand-new Samsung NX10 interchangeable lens camera, 3D and LED-backlit TVs.

Speaking of 3D TVs, Samsung seems to have beaten Sony to the market by announcing that their TVs will be ready for purchase by end of the month. We've got more details on the next page, so be sure to check them out. Other products displayed included new cameras and camcorders, a pico projector, e-book readers, printers and home appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, air purifiers and a NaviBot robot cleaner with 'visionary mapping' which looked like it could have helped us lots during Chinese New Year spring cleaning.

The two-day Samsung forum will end tomorrow and is one of five events around the world designed to bring a regional market vision to Samsung's global product and strategic announcements. Translated, we think that means Samsung wants you to know what they have planned for you in your hometown. Read on!