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Samsung AV Roadshow - Designs That Perform

Samsung AV Roadshow - Designs That Perform

The Samsung AV Roadshow

Design That Performs

Held at the Shangri-La Hotel recently was Samsung's AV Roadshow 2008 that saw the launch of 15 new multi-platform audio-visual products that the company hopes will continue to extend its leadership in audio-visual products.

Samsung seems to be going all out this year, first with their Digital Imaging roadshow that we've previously covered and the Samsung Mobile Roadshow, which we also covered . This time around, as you would have guessed from the roadshow designation, the focus will be on products that will tickle your audiovisual senses. The show also had a slight overlap with some of the cameras which we have reported before, so we won't be dwelling too much on those, but if you would like a recap, do check out our previous coverage that we've linked above (and also listed in the Related Links segment below).

As usual, Samsung kicked things off with Mr Ki-Heung Yoon, Managing Director, Samsung Asia Pte Ltd, who spoke to the media about Samsung's direction with regards to the HDTV market and also its sales targets for the region this year.