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Samsung AV and Digital Imaging Roadshow 2009

Samsung AV and Digital Imaging Roadshow 2009

Audio Visuals : Home Theater Systems

Audio-Visual Attack: Samsung Home Theater Systems

Blu-ray Player BD-P4600

To complement their TVs, Samsung has engineered a Blu-ray player dressed in the same colors as their Crystal Design. At 38mm thin, the wall-mountable BD-P4600 is visibly slimmer than its P1600 predecessor with BD Live support. Additionally, you have the option of going online with its LAN port or Wi-Fi dongle. The BD-P4600 has an internal flash memory of 1GB, touch-sensitive controls and an improved tray-ejection time claimed at a mere one second. Look forward to 1080p BD playback and DVD upscaling on this one, as well as support for HD audio formats.

Recommended retail price: S$799

HT-WS1 - Speaker Bar

The HT-WS1 Speaker Bar was another highlight of the show besides Samsung's range of LED HDTVs. Simply put, the HT-WS1 is a 2.1-channel speaker bar designed to add "oomph" and surround quality to your living room. With a shallow depth of 39mm, the WS1 was made to accompany Samsung flat-panel televisions, especially those with the same Crystal Design and screen size of 40-inch and above. That's not all to it though, for the WS1 also has a wireless sub-woofer added into the mix. The Samsung HT-WS1 should hit the stores by end-April.

Recommended retail price: S$549

HT-BD1252 Blu-ray 5.1-channel Home Theater System

Which system packs a Blu-ray player, 5.1-channel surround sound speakers and a 1,000 watts power output? Why, Samsung's top of the line HT-BD1252 home theater system of course! The BD1252 uses two 'tallboy' front speakers with two rear satellites, and is able to decode common HD audio formats such as Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Audio. It also features a USB port and a built-in FM Tuner. The HT-BD1252 will be available in May.

Recommended retail price: $1,499

HT-X725 5.1-channel Home Theater System

One key aspect of the HT-X725 5.1-channel Home Theater System is its "Virtual Sound" feature. According to Samsung, "Virtual Sound" is supposed to help rig the surround sound stage in a jiffy, while producing an overall surround effect that's balanced and exact. Interestingly, the X725 speakers use diaphragms made from bio-cellulose with kelp extracts, or seaweed. You may now proclaim to know how seaweed sounds like! Jokes aside, the HT-X725 packs a total power output of 800W and offers DVD upscaling as well. Expect it this June.

Recommended retail price: $699