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Philips' Newest Monitors Cater to a Wide Variety of Users

Philips' Newest Monitors Cater to a Wide Variety of Users

Getting Down to Business

Getting Down to Business

Although the business monitor market is saturated with offerings from Dell, Lenovo, Compaq and many more, Philips has decided to introduce their own alternatives. In the P, B and S lines, consumers have ample choice.

The P Line - Professional Monitors

The high-end business monitors from Philips, the P Line brings the best possible performance and places it at the disposal of professionals. The 27-inch 273P3LPHEB model is targeted at designers and CAD users. There are also 23-inch and 24-inch models with USB 2.0 ports on the monitors. The 24-inch 241P3LYEB also comes with a DisplayPort connector.


The B Line - Business Line

Much like the E line from the consumer range, Philips expects this series to permeate the business market and find its way onto every work desk. The B Line also sports 70mm height adjustment and onboard speakers, making it an all-round solution for the workplace.


The S Line - Small Business Line

The S line is ideal for small firms; it offers good quality at an attractive low price.


Philips ErgoSensor

Also displayed for the first time was Philips ErgoSensor. The technology is still under development, but it is meant to be an improvement of the PowerSensor that is already implemented in the monitors. The infra-red sensor is now replaced with a front-facing camera.

This lets the ErgoSensor monitor data such as your body position, posture and duration of time you have spent in front of the monitor. A monitor fitted with ErgoSensor can give you advise to adjust your seating position or posture.

The ErgoSensor tells you to move small distances and correct your posture, based on what it sees, by showing messages on the screen. Philips aims to reduce the incurrence of repeated stress injuries, eye fatigue and other monitor usage-related issues.