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Panasonic VIERA Regional Launch

Panasonic VIERA Regional Launch


Are You Ready?

Till Ultra High Definition becomes a commonplace theme in our homes, you can be sure that HDTV manufacturers will continue to jazz up their tunes in order to stay on top of the competition.

Perceptibly, Panasonic's latest rejuvenation of their VIERA PDP (Plasma Display Panels) and LCD line-up attests to that observation. We were at Kuala Lumpur recently to grace the company's regional launch, a media event that showcased an ambitious breakout of 11 new Full-HD and 12 HD-Ready TVs. Totaling up to 23 new displays in all, it's an anticipated augmentation to last year's lineup of 15 VIERA TVs.

Consumers in Asia can look forward to possessing these new toys for their living spaces real soon, since the new VIERAs are expected to flood the Asian scene from April 2009 henceforth. If you want to know what the Panasonic engineers have been busy with all winter, read on to find out.