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NVIDIA's 3D Highlights at Computex 2010

NVIDIA's 3D Highlights at Computex 2010

Introduction of the 3D PCs

Introduction of the 3D PCs

The main highlight of the event was NVIDIA's various 3D solutions. And one of the ways users can enjoy 3D is through a new category of PCs that NVIDIA calls “3D PC”. Now, you might be wondering what exactly constitutes a 3D PC, and according to NVIDIA, a 3D PC is a desktop or notebook that:

  • Includes a pair of 3D active-shutter glasses (like the 3D Vision kit from NVIDIA)
  • A 120Hz 3D-capable display in the form of a desktop LCD monitor, 3D projector, 3D TV or notebook PC with an integrated 3D-capable display
  • A discrete graphics processor (like a GeForce GPU from NVIDIA) that is capable of delivering high definition imagery to the 3D display

Here are some examples of how users can easily enjoy 3D at home with NVIDIA.