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NVIDIA's 3D Highlights at Computex 2010

NVIDIA's 3D Highlights at Computex 2010

3D Boom!

3D Boom!

It's fast becoming a cliche, but 3D really is the rage now. And we are here in Taipei, Taiwan where graphics powerhouse NVIDIA has constructed an elaborate “3D Experience Centre” right in the heart of Taipei's financial district, to attend their special press conference, held in conjunction with Computex.

At the press conference, NVIDIA CEO, President, and co-founder, Jen-Hsun Huang spoke at length about NVIDIA's forays into the world of 3D. The driving theme behind Jen-Hsun's message to the press was, having enjoyed Avatar in 3D at the cinemas, how can users recreate that experience in their homes? With that in mind, NVIDIA is determined to make it easy for users to bring 3D content into their living rooms. So together with industry partners, NVIDIA today unveiled a wide range of 3D solutions ranging from desktops to notebooks and nettops that would easily allow users to enjoy 3D in the comfort of their living room.

Apart from introducing various NVIDIA-powered 3D solutions, Jen-Hsun also reiterated the prowess of NVIDIA's latest Fermi graphics chips, and how it can, along with the tessellation feature offered by Microsoft's newest DirectX 11 API, change the way we view and play games. In keeping with the 3D theme, Jen-Hsun also showed how the latest Fermi-powered cards can enable 3D Vision Surround, which allows gamers to play their games over three displays in full 3D.

Finally, Jen-Hsun Huang expounded on the tablet PC revolution. He believes that tablets could replace the desktop and become our most “personal” computer – in the literal sense. The form factor, he says, is perfect for media consumption, and NVIDIA is there to help with their Tegra processors, which offers tremendous processing power for only a fraction of the power draw.