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New Age of Digital Printing with Fuji Xerox's Color 800/1000 Presses

New Age of Digital Printing with Fuji Xerox's Color 800/1000 Presses

Ushering in the Age of Digital Printing

Print Digitally with Fuji Xerox

The media was invited to a special closed-door event at the Fuji Xerox office today, and presented with a line-up of talks, customer testimonials, and a special demo tour of the Fuji Xerox 1000 Press. Here's a short prelude of what happened before we delve into the technicalities. 


All about the Fuji Xerox Color 800/1000 Presses

What's so special about the Fuji Xerox's new Color 800/1000 Presses is that they are the first printers in the line that come with an option of a fifth print station. Other than the regular CMYK, the printers come with a clear dry ink station, an option that functions like a conventional varnish which not only allows users to make their images 'pop' out visually, but enhances the creativity and security of one's collaterals to be imbued with digital watermarks. Do note that the usual printing speed is still maintained without affecting production.

Both presses print at a high resolution of 2400 x 2400 dpi - with clarity and sharpness enhanced by a new low-melt emulsion aggregation (EA) dry ink, allowing users to obtain a finish that is almost identical to off-set print-outs. As such, the printers are targeted towards companies working predominantly in the Graphics Art sector, like publishing houses and commercial printers where optimal printing quality and creativity is a necessity.


Additional to that, extra attention has been paid to these printers to make sure that they are eco-friendly. Some examples are the reduced CFCs emitted during the production of the EA clear inks; certain parts of the printer are made of biodegradable plastic, and last but not least, they consume less power. 

The only difference between both presses is that the 800 prints at 80 ppm and the 1000 prints at 100 ppm; otherwise, both printers share identical properties. Prices are dependent on customized requirements, such as adding extra duplexes to the basic machine, or additional finishers and software.