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IDF Fall 2010 Day 0 - Intel R&D Demos

IDF Fall 2010 Day 0 - Intel R&D Demos

Smart Car for the Dad and Smart Kitchen for the Mom

Intel demonstrated the concept of the future smart car which promises to make travelling safer and more fun for the family. It basically utilizes facial recognition technology which helps the car determine the identity of the driver and passengers. Knowing who is inside the car helps it serve out preset preferences (like seat positioning, entertainment and even air-conditioning temperature). It can also be used as a secondary form of authentication, thus preventing unauthorized access to the vehicle. 

Besides cameras inside the car, sensors and cameras outside the vehicle are used to help it scan its surroundings and warns the driver should it identifies any potentially dangerous situation which the driver may not be aware of.

Now imagine a smart kitchen table that recognizes everyday ingredients when placed on the surface. Through an overhead camera and projector, the computer is able to recognize the ingredient and subsequently projects recipe suggestions based on the item found on the table. Now for the busy mom who does not know how to cook up a feast, the smart application would look up its extensive recipe database and suggest suitable recipes based on the ingredients found on the table.