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HP's Innovation Summit - Emailing Your Printer

HP's Innovation Summit - Emailing Your Printer

HP's Innovation Summit - New Features Introduced

HP Innovation Summit 2010 - Fall Commercial Launch

If you can email it, HP can print it with their ePrint printers. Following the launch of its consumer ePrint printers in June, HP held a regional launch event introducing their ePrint Officejet (inkjet), LaserJet and Designjet printers for businesses.


If You Can Email It, HP Can Print It

Using the ePrint service which comes free when you buy an ePrint printer, you can print documents straight to the printer without the need for a PC, simply by email. When an ePrint printer is first connected, the HP ePrint server assigns the printer a specific email address. Send a document to this address from anywhere in the world, it goes through the ePrint server and is immediately printed from the printer.

This means that unlike in the past, you won't need a PC directly connected to the printer with drivers installed to print something. With ePrint, you can hit print from any web-connected device like a smartphone and get your prints immediately without the need to install drivers or software.

Each email address is unique and is never distributed unless a printer owner shares it with others. For security reasons, the email can be reset at any time, and users can also set a "white list" to only accept print jobs from a select list of email addresses. Although users can log into the HP ePrint server to see a list of print jobs, HP doesn't store the actual content of the emails sent for print.


Connect to the Web with Your Printer

HP also introduced Print Apps, which let users print web content with a PC, straight from the printer. HP demoed Print Apps like Google Docs, which let you scan to the web for easy sharing and Biztree, which has a catalog of business forms such as invoices, contracts and legal agreements, 25 of which are provided free.