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Highlights of CommunicAsia & BroadcastAsia 2010

Highlights of CommunicAsia & BroadcastAsia 2010

CommunicAsia 2010 - NTT docomo's Booth

NTT docomo's Booth

One of Japan's biggest telcos in Japan, NTT docomo, has a booth right here at CommunicAsia 2010. Located right next to Samsung's booth, it's a booth that should not be missed and you'll be hard pressed to do so thanks to all the pretty booth girls but more importantly, the really cool phones on display. You may have heard of these legendary phones that come packed with awesome features that no other phone in the market has, and you wouldn't be far off.

In fact, it was a phone that drew our attention to the booth and not the ladies at their booth. Last seen at MWC 2010 in Barcelona, docomo's separable phone, the F-04B. Feast your eyes on this wondrous phone as you can split the device in two, make calls from both devices, or connect them together to use as a single unit. There's even an optional projector unit that you can connect to phone to use it to watch videos on the wall.

Besides the seperable phone, docomo also had smartphones on display, sourced from various vendors but rebranded with docomo's logo. We spotted RIM's Blackberry devices, Sony's XEPERIA 10 and even a WinMo 6.5 phone that well, probably won't be long in the market once Windows Phone 7 launches. Besides smartphones, we also spotted phones that feature designs by famous designers - including a Kate Spade phone that should please the ladies.

Last but not least, you have phones designed for video recording - and while the western world in general are gasping in awe of having a phone capable of recording in HD at 1280 x 720p, docomo already has a few phones available that can do Full HD recording at 1920 x 1080p and they look pretty darn good to boot. We also spotted phones which can capture still images at higher than 13MP resolutions!