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A HardwareZone Special: PlayTest May 2011 with HTC

A HardwareZone Special: PlayTest May 2011 with HTC

Talking about Tablets with HWM & HTC

Tablets Galore!

Since our very first PlayTest event back in June 2008, our principle for PlayTest has pretty much remained constant: to engage, educate and entertain subscribers and readers through this special tech event hosted by the editorial teams of, HWM and GameAxis.

Likewise, we opened our doors and extended our tech expertise to the community once again for another round of PlayTest. Partnering with HTC for a highly targeted event, we focused mainly on tablets and how to choose the right one to suit your lifestyle. Not only were our editorial teams on hand to share valuable tips and advice pertaining to tablet purchases and trends, HTC personnel were also present to share details on their latest and only (for now) tablet, the HTC Flyer. Without further ado, let us take you through the key highlights of PlayTest with HTC in this video:

Following the knowledge-intensive talks, participants were then invited to take part in a light-hearted competition where they were invited to exhaust their creative juices on the HTC Flyer. The gist of it was to doodle  - be it drawing or writing - something creative on the Flyer which best describes their feelings about the device itself within a 2-minute time limit. The HWM team and HTC team would then have to collectively decide on the winner of the activity, and he or she will get to walk away with a HTC Flyer tablet. Another lucky participant got to walk away with a HTC Incredible S smartphone in the lucky draw event.

See you at the next PlayTest

In the end, we hoped that everyone at the event went home with some knowledge and valuable hands-on experience. Last but not least, we would like to extend our thanks to all our readers out there for the invaluable feedback given. Do look out for the next PlayTest! In the meantime, check out out more photos on our HWM Facebook page here.