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Hands-on: Balanced Armature Experience with Sony's New XBA Headphones

Hands-on: Balanced Armature Experience with Sony's New XBA Headphones

Other Considerations

Other Considerations

The popularity of portable music devices and smartphones has led to headphones being used in a variety of circumstances which requires specific design and functionality. Making sure that every user can enjoy the new XBA line-up, Sony introduced three special headphone models to meet unique criteria of usage.

Sony XBA-NC85D Headphones

Featuring a control box free design, the XBA-NC85D has an integrated digital noise cancelling processor to help protect you from ambient noise. A battery life of 20 hours means that the headphones can last you on long flights as well. It's also priced to match the premium group of travel audio accessories at S$699.


Sony XBA-S65 Headphones

Targeted at the sports and fitness enthusiast, the Sony XBA-S65 has a unique around-the-ear loop design which can be tightened to ensure that the headphones stay in place during the wildest of rides. The headphones are also washable and completely waterproof, meaning that wiping the sweat off them is as easy as putting them under running water. At S$129, this set is priced very competitively given its design and technical properties.


Sony XBA-BT75 Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth compatible, the Sony XBA-BT75 does away with wires entirely. Battery and control IC chips have been housed in the ear piece itself due to the small size of the Balanced Armature driver unit. As such, the headphones do not feature a control box. A two-inch stretch of memory wire helps the user ensure the headphones fit properly. This stylish pair has a retail price of S$419.


Pricing and Availability of the XBA Series Headphones

The entire XBA line-up is expected to be available in mid-February 2012 and you're going to like this last bit of information: Sony is so confident with their new products that they will be launched with a Sound Quality Scheme Guarantee. What this entails is, if you're not satisfied with the performance of your XBA headphone, they can be returned for a full refund within 14-days of purchase at the Sony Care return point located at Isetan Orchard (Singapore).

This is a bold move unlike anything we've heard in the audio headset business here. It's an excellent strategy to win the consumer's vote of confidence and encourage users to try out and adopt their new XBA headphones. So if this sounds interesting, look out for them in stores really soon and here's the pricing summary:-

Sony XBA Headphone Series Price List
Model Price
XBA-1 Headphones $109
XBA-2 Headphones $279
XBA-3 Headphones $419
XBA-4 Headphones $529
XBA-1iP Headphones $129
XBA-2iP Headphones $299
XBA-3iP Headphones $439
XBA-4iP Headphones $549
XBA-NC85D Noise Cancelling Headphones $699
XBA-S65 Sports Headphones $129
XBA-BT75 Wireless Headphones $419