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Gone in a Flash - 5 Solid State Drives Compared

Gone in a Flash - 5 Solid State Drives Compared

Mtron PRO 7500

Professional Class SSD

While the brand Mtron may not be familiar to most consumers, the company is one of the earliest makers of SSD drives and the Mtron PRO 7500 is an example of its enterprise oriented products. As expected, it uses SLC NAND for the longer lifespan and while it once claimed to have the fastest SSD in the market with a write speed of 120MB/s, it's no longer so.

Unfortunately, its read speed of 130MB/s is similarly surpassed by many others in this day and age. Unlike vendors who use third-party controllers, Mtron produces its own controller and it's the same for the PRO 7500. However, at close to a thousand US dollars, this drive fully lives up to its enterprise billing, at least for the price.