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Everything You Need to Know About the Apple iPad

Everything You Need to Know About the Apple iPad

Which iPad is for You?

Which iPad is for You?

Not sure which iPad to get? Don't worry, HardwareZone's got your back.

There are really only three questions you need to ask yourself to see which iPad is for you.

1. Do you need to stay online on the go? Then you need to go 3G.

2. Do you watch a lot of media on the go? Then you need a 32GB or a 64GB iPad.

3. Do you mind paying extra for your iPad? The monthly 3G data plan will add additional cost to your iPad purchase - for as long as you're subscribed to it.


Still not sure which iPad is for you? Perhaps you might want to see which user profile suits you most:-

The Road Warrior

If you want to use your iPad to stay connected, like emailing on the go, then you need to go the 3G route. The 3G edition is also recommended if you really like getting your fix then and there, like getting the hottest app, updating your apps (like pulling articles into Instapaper), and having the latest news (with newspaper and magazine apps).

The Movie Buff

Large files are the only reason you'd need more storage, and the culprits are usually movie files, and to a lesser extent, music files and podcasts. If you want to bring lots of shows to accompany you on those long flights, you're better served with a 32GB or 64GB model.

The Player

If you're using the iPad mainly to play games, chances are you won't need 3G or lots of storage. A 16GB model will suffice, 32GB will be a treat.

The Wireless Surfer

If you're using the iPad mostly in places where you'll have Wi-Fi, like home, office or your friendly neighborhood coffee place, a Wi-Fi iPad will help you save money over the 3G version.

The Librarian

Do you intend to do a lot of reading on the iPad? Chances are you would have downloaded your media at home or in the office via Wi-Fi, by using magazine apps, eBooks with iBooks or reading apps like Instapaper, before heading out. Only reason for 3G? If you like having your newspapers, like the NYT or the Straits Times, on the go.

The Social Butterfly

Always need to be updating and checking your Twitter/Facebook feeds? Then you'll really need to get the 3G iPad edition. Or just use your phone for that and get the Wi-Fi iPad, but that requires some know-how.