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Dell XPS 13 - A Quick Hands-on With a Compact Ultrabook

Dell XPS 13 - A Quick Hands-on With a Compact Ultrabook

Dell XPS 13: Sneak Look at Some Compact Goodness

Ultrabooks Getting Compact

Thanks to Dell, the Dell XPS 13 showed up at the HardwareZone labs today, and we managed to get a very brief hands-on with a pre-production unit. We must say that even though the time with it was brief, we're fairly impressed with the build quality, its looks as well as Dell's choice of materials. One of its important design and marketing points is its compact form factor. In fact, they've showed us that the Dell XPS 13 managed to deliver a 13-inch screen using a 11.6-inch form factor of a traditional notebook design.

While we didn't have enough time to get some benchmark figures, we did come away with some very important information. According to Dell's representatives, the Dell XPS 13 will retail sometime in the middle of March 2012. We've also been given some ballpark figures regarding its prices because actual pricing hasn't been locked down by yet. Prices will start from around S$1400 and end slightly below S$2000 for the high-end model. Keep your eyes on HardwareZone for more details, because you will see them the moment we see them. Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures of the Dell XPS 13 below.