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D-Link Takes to the Clouds

D-Link Takes to the Clouds

D-Link Launches Cloud Initiative

D-Link's On Cloud Nine!

HardwareZone was at Marriot Hotel earlier today to witness D-Link's inaugural launch of their Cloud initiative. In a nutshell, the Taiwanese firm's new campaign involves a rather practical ecosystem of online services as well as networking devices with remote management facilities. A total of seven products were unveiled today, consisting of four IP cameras (including one pan-and-tilt model), two routers, and a NAS-ish network video recorder. Observably, at the heart of D-Link's cloud-based products is the 'mydlink' portal. To put things in perspective, this platform enables users to access, control, as well as configure their networking products from any location in the world as long as they are connected to the Internet. In addition, 'mydlink' apps on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS are already available, while support for other operating systems such as Microsoft's Windows Phone are said to be cooking in the pipeline. D-Link did not provide a definitive release date when we queried them about the actual availability though. 


Entering The Cloud

Accessing devices entrenched behind your local area network isn't exactly a new trend or a freshly-baked invention, is it? To be honest, routers with remote administration facilities have been around for years. At the consumer end, however, what D-Link has done with their recent Cloud initiative is to take that remote administration concept and simplified it further by a notch with very user-friendly attractions. For instance, their IP cameras only require three basic steps to get the device up and running, as compared to conventional ones which require you to fiddle with iffy things like dynamic DNS services and port forwarding on the router. Of course, the option to manage your network devices via your mobile phone or tablet is a huge bonus too. Now, is this what you might call "true networking"?

We were also given a brief demonstration on how simple it is to control and manipulate the IP cameras via the 'mydlink' portal. To access the portal, all you need is a username and password. And to assign any of the Cloud devices to your 'mydlink' account, just run the setup wizard (found in the bundled CD) and follow through with a few simple steps. As things stand, users may use the DNR-322L Network Video Recorder with 2-drive bays to store content captured by the IP cameras. According to D-Link, they are also looking into the possibility of storing video footage on the cloud instead of storage devices like the DNR-322L. Some of the star products highlighted today include the DCS-5222L Pan and Tilt Camera with day and night features (Infra-red lighting) as well as the DIR-857 HD Media Router 3000 with dual-band radios. To find out more about D-Link's latest Cloud products, please hop on to the next page.


Update (February 21st 2012): We've just received word from D-Link that the HD Media Router 3000 (DIR-857) will not feature the PowerLine Bandwidth function.