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Creating the Juggernaut - ATI Radeon HD 5870 CrossFireX Analysis

Creating the Juggernaut - ATI Radeon HD 5870 CrossFireX Analysis

The Radeon HD 5870 Cards

The ASUS EAH5870

The ASUS EAH5870 looks just like any other Radeon HD 5870 card on the market right now and it is also specced similarly, which means it is clocked 850MHz at the core and 4400MHz DDR at the memory. However, it differentiates itself from the competition by offering voltage tweaking via its SmartDoctor utility.

SmartDoctor is ASUS' usual overclocking software that allows you to tweak the card's settings, like clock and fan speeds while monitoring the temperature. The one with the ASUS EAH5870 adds in Vcore voltage tweaking, potentially allowing you to achieve higher clock speeds at the core, and stretching your overclocking experience. As a plus, the ASUS EAH5870 also allows you to redeem a downloadable copy of Dirt 2, one of the first games to officially support DirectX 11 when it comes out for the PC later this December.

The PowerColor HD 5870

The PowerColor HD 5870 is your no-frills Radeon HD 5870, which we previously featured for our first Radeon HD 5870 review. The card doesn't come with any special bundled software or games unlike the ASUS card, and comes with reference clock speeds and ATI's redesigned stock cooler. It's a simple package for those who demand nothing but the absolute fastest graphics card, nothing more, nothing less.