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CommunicAsia 2006 - Part 1

CommunicAsia 2006 - Part 1

CommunicAsia 2006 and Sony Ericsson's Booth

CommunicAsia 2006

The annual mobile phone frenzy period in the guise of CommunicAsia 2006 is here again! Held at the Singapore Expo, major brands have converged under one roof to showcase their new and upcoming handsets that would be launched from now through the end of the year. In our coverage, expect a big change in the mobile phone paradigm with WiMax/WiBro capabilities, mobile TV, VoIP and more PDA phones with Push email and office productivity suite support. Some of the phones showcased have reached a new degree of portability, thanks to their slimmer profiles. Will Motorola's SLVR slim candy bar phone finally meet its match? You'll know soon enough.

This year also sees Korean phone manufacturers such as Samsung and LG setting new precedents at the show floor with more than five interesting ('World's first' debut) phone announcements. On the other hand, phone manufacturers such as Motorola and Nokia are releasing more CDMA-based and entry-level phones for emerging markets like India and Indonesia. Surprisingly, little was seen of their high-end mobile phone solutions at CommunicAsia 2006.

Sadly, BenQ-Siemens, Panasonic (now focusing on the Japanese market with FOMA phones) and Philips didn't participate this year. Still, there was a lot else happening at the show floor and here's the first part of our coverage starting off with Sony Ericsson and its parent company Ericsson to see what they have to offer:-

Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson has already announced its line-up just prior to CommunicAsia 2006, which leans towards photography and music lovers. With that segment taken care of, today they released their new business mobile phone, the M600, whose star feature is the touch screen interface.