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Comex 2011 Buying Guide - Part 2

Comex 2011 Buying Guide - Part 2


Comex 2011 Buying Guide - Part 2

In case you might have jumped straight into our second part of our buying guide, remember to first check out part one of our coverage. Also, remember to check out the HardwareZone Tech Show Portal for the latest consolidated shopping resources and updates. But first, here's our video on some of the top deals from Comex for your consideration:-

TV Buying Guide Information

If you're on the hunt for TVs at the show, we've got an excellent HDTV Buying Guide that details everything you ever need to know when purchasing one. And to understand more about the Smart TVs, we've got a video detailing all the different platforms. So check them out to get a better understanding before taking that plunge.


Comex 2011 Shopping Resources


PlayTest @ Comex 2011

Something special that's happening this time round is our partnership with Comex to bring you our PlayTest event right where it's all happening! We've lined up several partner presentations (from Canon, HTC, Samsung, SingTel and Toshiba) throughout all four days of the event to showcase their newest gadgets and services as well as to educate the audience on their benefits. This is in line with our principle for PlayTest, which is to engage, educate and entertain subscribers and readers. Participants can attend seminars by our partners and gain more understanding to make a more informed buying decision at Comex 2011. 

And once you've gotten all the info you need, it's time to check out our partners' booth and get a hands-on with their latest products and services!